About SABÉ

We created SABÉ so that you can have the cocktails you love, where you want them. Each of our products includes real distilled spirits blended with a high-quality neutral base. In a SABÉ cocktail, you’ll smell and taste the flavors of the premium ingredients shining through, while it finishes with an unparalleled smoothness. Our goal is to deliver a flavorful, full-strength cocktail experience, especially in places and formats where cocktails weren’t available before.

“I love the flavor and the nuance of a great cocktail. While out with friends at a restaurant in Oakland, some of us were drinking cocktails while others were drinking beer and wine. We chatted about why some cocktails were unenjoyable. Great cocktails balance flavors and alcohol – never too sweet and never too strong. But how does a cocktail properly capture that balance when high proof spirits are involved? That’s when I began to re-think what made a great cocktail, from the ground up.

“I started experimenting with unconventional starting points. Eventually I found the softer, viscous base of sake perfectly complemented high proof spirits and allowed the flavors of the spirits to shine. This combination led to balanced and delightful cocktails. With that knowledge, SABÉ was born. And with it, a completely new approach to achieving great-tasting cocktails. No doubt it’s a bit crazy, but sometimes crazy just works.”

– Jim Andrews, Founder