Spotlight: August 2021

Aug 13, 2021

San Francisco is a gem with endless cuisines to offer. This Spotlight features Franco’s Latin Table, Saiwalks Vietnamese Street Food, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, and Squat & Gobble Café and Crêpery… cheers!

1. Franco’s Latin Table

Walking down West Portal, one is immediately welcomed by the vibrant color and music coming from Franco’s Latin Table. Upon entering, the most mouthwatering of aromas invite you in further. Family-owned and operated, Franco’s offers a warm and comfortable ambience in which to enjoy their extensive Peruvian menu.
A Tiradito Salmon Sashimi Ceviche pairs wonderfully with a Margarita made with SABÉ’s Blanco; the refreshing lime of the cocktail brings out the passion fruit citrus on the fish for a delectable start to the meal. When you’re ready to move on to the main course, the Pescado a la Macho, a whole fried Branzino served with a seafood stew, veggies, and rice in a cream sauce, is a delight to both devour and admire as a work of art. Franco’s Latin-tini cocktail, a mix of SABÉ Straight, pineapple juice, and Chicha Morada (a tasty drink from Peru made with dried purple corn, spices, and various fruits), complements the Branzino beautifully by balancing the richness of the sauce with its light, smooth fruitiness. And just when you think you couldn’t possibly eat any more, the temptation of finishing your meal with picarones for dessert is just about impossible to resist. If you’re looking for an exquisite dinner in a place that feels like home, look no further. Franco’s also serves brunch and lunch!

Pescado a la Macho – whole fried Branzino, seafood stew, veggies, white rice, aji amarillo cream sauce – paired with a Latin-tini made with SABÉ Straight.

2. Saiwalks Vietnamese Street Food

In foggy San Francisco, a steaming bowl of phở is an ideal way to warm up as it’s akin to a delicious hug in a bowl; but did you know there are many other Vietnamese dishes that are equally worthy of your palate? Victoria Le, owner of Saiwalks, grew up in Vietnam and moved to Southern California at age 13, eventually shipping up to the Bay Area for college and settling here after. She shares that her inspiration came from her desire to bring authentic Vietnamese street food to San Francisco in a way that was more affordable but just as – if not more – delectable as pricier options in the area.
One of the best aspects of Saiwalks is that it has an ageless vibe– there is something for everyone, whether an experienced diner or just starting to branch out in trying new cuisines: from Bánh Mì to Garlic Noodles to Fried Rice to Vermicelli Rice Noodles, Saiwalks provides you with endless choices to match your craving of the moment. Looking for happy hour snacks and cocktails? Try the popular Garlic Green Beans with a refreshing Marina Mule– SABÉ Straight, fresh ginger, and lime juice; or perhaps the Pork Belly Tacos with a Sriracha Margarita for a kick to keep you warm on a typical SF summer day. On the rare days of sunshine, you can head a couple blocks down to Crissy Field with some Phở takeout and a perfectly portable premixed SABÉ Grapefruit Paloma to take in the sights and flavors of the city all in one.

Garlic green beans over vermicelli noodles with a Marina Mule with SABÉ Straight.

3. Roosevelt Tamale Parlor

The iconic Mission District boasts many tried-and-true small business restaurants, and Roosevelt Tamale Parlor is no exception. A cozy and comfortable space, Roosevelt offers classic Mexican cuisine in addition to their namesake tamales. Many customers are devoted regulars who have eaten at the Parlor over its many decades of operation. There is an easy-going, bustling feel while dining– an attentive, detail-oriented staff intent on giving you the best possible experience, without putting on airs. Their tamales reflect this as well, with bright, vibrant flavors like caramelized butternut squash with goat cheese, and shredded pork with queso fresco for a more traditional bite. And of course, a SABÉ Blanco Margarita goes down nicely with either, and more! You definitely get your fill no matter what you order, with their generous portion sizes, and ordering takeout is always an option. Adjusting to the current era, Roosevelt has incorporated a cheery parklet out front for additional seating.

Chiva Tamale and Shredded Pork Tamale duo, chips & salsa, and a classic SABÉ Blanco Margarita.

4. Squat & Gobble

Brunch in the Marina is a weekend occurrence enjoyed by many San Franciscans– so much so that it can often feel overwhelming walking down Chestnut Street! Squat & Gobble Café and Crêpery not only serves brunch, but they also have a beautiful hidden patio out back that feels like being in a hidden garden oasis away from the brunch crowds. Order their popular Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Benedict, paired perfectly with a SABÉ Straight Bloody Mary, for a savory start to your day among the jasmine vines and softly bubbling fountain. If you’re looking for a cozy treat, try a sweet Strawberry Nutella Crêpe with an espresso for the classic French Bistro feel indoors.
There is ample seating – both inside and out – for large groups, and there is something for everyone in your party, so nobody has to settle! Squat & Gobble possesses a wide variety of menu items, and the portions are generous. Whether it’s pancakes and hot chocolate for dinner or tacos and a SABÉ Blanco margarita for breakfast, Squat & Gobble has you covered.

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Benedict and a SABÉ Straight Bloody Mary.