Spotlight: November 2018 (Part One)

Nov 1, 2018

Welcome to the debut edition of SABÉ Spotlight, where we take you on a culinary tour and show off some of the finest SABÉ cocktail/food pairings we find. From Vietnamese to Mexican and from Japanese to Spanish, SABÉ cocktails pair beautifully with virtually any cuisine. We debut the feature with two terrific Thai restaurants, Shank & Bone in San Diego and Panvimarn on Broadway in Long Beach…

1. Shank & Bone, San Diego



2930 University Avenue, San Diego, CA


“The Fortunate Son is crisp, bright, refreshing, and a little tart.
It pairs well with all of our food.”

Located in the heart of trendy University Park and just a short distance from the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Shank & Bone serves a fusion of classic and modern Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant features decor hung with non la (the famous conical hats worn by Vietnamese farmers), vintage motor scooters, a map of Saigon, and a large mural replicating the Shepard Fairey print, Revolution Woman (the artist licensed the work in exchange for a donation to the ACLU).

Some of the most popular dishes include their table-poured pho noodle soup and the Bánh Xèo tacos (pictured with the Fortunate Son cocktail). The Fortunate Son cocktail features SABÉ Yuzu, SABÉ Cucumber, fresh cilantro, lime, and simple syrup. A modern spin on the classic Vietnamese savory crepe, the Bánh Xèo tacos are made of a crispy coconut turmeric flour shell, and filled with minced pork, shrimp, jicama, bean sprouts, and mint, with classic Vietnamese nuoc cham on the side.

2. Panvimarn on Broadway



740-798 E Broadway Long Beach, CA

Just a short walk from Junipero Beach, Panvimarn on Broadway serves traditional Thai food to fantastic reviews. Their second location in Long Beach, Panvimarn on Broadway’s cuisine features a wide range of soups, curries and salads. The decor is modern and elegant, combining traditional Thai imagery with modern design touches with beautiful results.

Their steak salad is one of the most popular menu items, and it’s paired here with a spicy pineapple margarita. The salad features grilled beef steak cut into thin slices and covered with a chili-lime marinade, served alongside mixed greens, cucumbers, onions, celery, tomatoes and cilantro with a spicy lime dressing. The spicy pineapple margarita includes SABÉ Blanco, muddled pineapple, agave, fresh lime and cayenne pepper., and it pairs beautifully with the salad, adding complementary sweet, sour and spicy-hot notes to the meal.