Our Story

The cocktails you love, made differently.

A few years ago, a group of my friends got together on a hot summer night. An ice bucket full of hard seltzers and canned cocktails was offered up. Over the course of the night, we sipped on them. The hard seltzers were boring and tasted like flavored water. The canned cocktails were watered down and way too sweet. I thought there was no way people like me wanted to drink this stuff. I soon realized nobody was making a real canned cocktail like you’d get in a bar – not watered down and not sweet – so I decided to find someone to make them myself.

I found a 180-year-old family distillery that was up to the task. The challenge was alcohol and flavors become bitter at higher alcohol levels. The easy way to address this was to add more sugar, which we wanted to avoid. That’s when we turned to unconventional ingredients. By blending distilled spirits with a much more viscous base of sake before introducing flavors, we ended up with real cocktails – not watered down and not sweet. With that knowledge, SABÉ was born. This knowledge applies to all our cocktail expressions. No doubt it’s a bit crazy, but sometimes crazy just works.

– Jim Andrews, Founder